Open the "single two-child" policy, what are the opportunities for children's clothing in Jiangsu

2014-04-30 09:21

Open the "single two-child" policy, what are the opportunities for children's clothing in Jiangsu?

release time:2014-04-30

The "two children alone" policy has attracted more and more people's hearts, and it has also made many children's clothing companies see opportunities. Some research institutions predict that after the opening of the "two children alone" policy, China's annual birth rate will increase by 20% on the original basis. Moreover, with the complete liberalization of the "two-child" policy in the future, the growth potential of children's consumption will be further revealed, especially the infant and toddler market, which will perform well in the next few years.

Faced with the huge growth potential shown by the children's clothing market, many clothing companies have begun to adjust their product layout and enter the children's clothing market. According to incomplete statistics, Jiangsu children's clothing already owns many brands, such as Xuan Ze, Yi Si Bei De, David Bichon, LS BABY, First Flag, Wei Lui, Little Monkey, T6, Tone Joyce, Ladybug Beibei BOBOLOOK, Chunge Children's, Maternal and Infant Square, Angel Dreamland, Moao, Vidora, etc. These children's clothing brand enterprises actively expand with accurate positioning and excellent quality, and expand market share through brand advantages.

To this end, the provincial government and the industry attach great importance to it. The 16th Jiangsu International Clothing Festival and Expo held in Nanjing International Clothing Expo Center in September specially added a Jiangsu Children's Wear Brand Pavilion to build a platform for Jiangsu children's wear brands to expand their markets.