2014 Jiangsu Fashion Creative Week will be presented in Nanjing in September

2014-04-30 09:28

Feel the fashion, experience the fashion---2014 Jiangsu Fashion Creative Week will be presented in Nanjing in September

release time:2014-04-30

In 2010, Jiangsu International Fashion Festival launched the first Jiangsu Fashion Creative Week, which has been held for 4 consecutive sessions. In 2014, Jiangsu Fashion Creative Week will give full play to the advantages of the government, industry associations and key enterprises, integrate the urban fashion resources of the Yangtze River Delta, and focus on fashion and creativity. , more prominent fashion and internationalization, to create the most influential fashion festival in eastern China, presenting a gluttonous feast with a new attitude.

This year's Jiangsu Fashion and Creative Week is full of splendor. There will be a car model photography contest, a school uniform design contest for Jiangsu fashion colleges, a special press conference for international famous teachers, and a fashion show for famous Chinese designers and famous brands. 2014 Jiangsu Fashion Designer Salon and other activities, carry out selection activities such as Jiangsu Top Ten Designers, 2014 Jiangsu Fashion Awards, 2014 New Emerging Designers and 2014 Jiangsu Fashion Designer Salon.

The 16th Jiangsu International Fashion Festival will be opened at Nanjing International Expo Center from September 12 to 14, 2014. Jiangsu International Fashion Festival and Expo has developed into the top ten most influential industry exhibitions in China, and has become China's down fashion. It is also the barometer of the development of China's textile and garment industry.